Programmable and Dynamic NFT? An Introduction to NASH Metaverse — Metaverse on the Chain

NASH Metaverse
5 min readApr 30, 2021

“NASH Metaverse brings programmability and growth into NFT by building a virtual universe on the chain.”

NFT is currently making itself known outside of the digital circle, shaking up the world of art, entertainment, sports, etc. Another trend, Metaverse, is meanwhile coming up in the traditional technology and game industries. These two trends jointly opened the door to a new era. Pioneers begin rushing in this uncharted territory for opportunities and development. NASH Metaverse is one of them.

NASH Metaverse is a metaverse of space game. Players can obtain spaceship NFTs, participate in games like collection and cultivation, card, action, etc. NASH Metaverse has crowdfunded 1,500 BNB for 3,500 Origin spaceships on Binance Smart Chain.

In terms of game settings, NASH Metaverse is similar to the virtual space games that have been developed for many years. Both integrate characters, props, and story lines into virtual interaction. So, what differentiates NASH Metaverse from other games? Why did it catch players’ eyes? The key is that NFT in NASH Metaverse possesses programmability and growth.

New Blockchain Games with Programmable Dynamic NFT

Unlike other current blockchain games, each NFT property in NASH Metaverse can be upgraded, differing from the card-style static NFT.

A GAS fee is charged whenever the character moves in most of the blockchain games. In NASH Metaverse, however, the dynamic NFT will record the space coordinates, hence realizing the movement function with zero gas fee through streaming payment.

Additionally, NASH Metaverse will raise the upper limit of game-play in the decentralized game.

Programmable and dynamic NFT can change and grow in the on-chain digital space according to game rules. Each NFT is dynamic and movable. Developers, therefore, have a wider creative space to provide players with more fun and open decentralized games.

Innovative On-Chain Games with Original NFT Standard

NASH Universe, with high playfulness, is the first MMO game of NASH Metaverse, which integrates game play such as strategy, resources collection, cultivation, etc.

In traditional blockchain games, the common practice is to save asset data on the chain and game data on the centralized server. NASH Universe is a digital world completely based on the chain, a game universe where asset data and game data are controlled by players.

NASH Universe has multiple game plays. The space coordinates (x, y) of the spaceship’s NFT automatically changes with time on the chain. The dynamic NFT will change and update with the timestamp to determine the coordinates of the game at any time, and interact with the objects in the space on the chain.

NASH Universe also has strong composability. Because it runs entirely on the chain, all NFTs may enter and interact with the NASH Universe. For example, a specific series of ships generated from the mortgage of artworks; exclusive ships for each project…

Moreover, the spaceship’s NFT can be transferred and traded cross-chain of any Nash Metaverse platform.

This is an on-chain universe that players can freely explore and create. The player drives the spaceship in the digital galaxy on the chain, moving and jumping, collecting Nashical in the universe.

Players can choose the right opportunity to sell ships in the NFT market for profit, interact and trade with players around the world. They can also use the Nashical to upgrade spaceships, so each spaceship’s NFT has an exclusive appearance and property.

Meanwhile, the appearance of a shiny spaceship with a small probability also adds a touch of mystery box surprise and excitement in the game experience, and paves the way for the appreciation of later ship trades.

A Metaverse that Grows Completely on the Chain

A high-level gaming experience is just a part of NASH Metaverse’s ambition. In addition to design, jump, trade, players can also purchase territories such as planets and space bases in the universe, and build their cities. It is a Decentraland-like concept that players, in the metaverse, can buy planets, invent games and applications which symbolize human creativity.

If NASH Metaverse remains the current development path, it may become a cross-blockchain metaverse above all blockchain platforms. Everyone on the chain will participate in the process of transforming and even creating this universe.

All advantages are due to the entirely-on-chain-operation nature of NASH Metaverse. Both its computing and asset run on the chain. The NFT of NASH Metaverse has built-in coordinate attributes and state attributes. NFT can be moved, and the state value can be upgraded. All NASH NFT data can be queried and used on the chain. Developers can edit the program and expand this Metaverse with developer documentation, truly realizing the open permissionless feature.

Token Economy and Strategy

NASH Metaverse designed a dual token model, governance token plus game token, for its game ecosystem.

Governance tokens (NAU) are used to govern and develop the entire NASH Metaverse ecosystem. Game tokens (Nashical) can only be earned from spending time on gold farming or dealing in the fund pool of decentralized exchanges. NASH Metaverse plans to open up fiat currency purchase channels in more than 50 countries to solve the problem of deposits for global players (except China, the United States, etc.).

Even the NASH Universe team has a wealth of game knowledge and top industry experience, they maintain caution on the launch of game features.

The team will put each new function of the game in a long-term perspective to ensure that all participants can create their future digital world in the NASH Metaverse, and at the same time allow the NASH Metaverse to steadily develop into a diverse and creative new digital economy. NASH Metaverse can be regarded as an infinite game with only a beginning and no end.


NASH Metaverse intends to build a boundless metaverse that truly realizes its infinite evolution. Players and developers do not need to worry about data monopoly since all core data is on the chain.

It is a universe that rewards creativity. Developers rely on innovation to capture user value. Players manage assets with their talents and creativity, and reward valuable services and applications with assets.

It is a universe full of vitality; a permissionless and programmable universe dedicated to being a reflection of human creativity; a thorough and open universe, absorbing endless creation from players, developers, partners, etc. This infinitely evolving universe may approach the true meaning of Metaverse through the constant combination of creativity and game play.

“The universe is infinite, yet a whole. Each individual, for the universe, is a single influence factor, but also an infinite possibility.”