NASH Metaverse NFT Airdrop Announcement

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2 min readOct 19, 2021

NASH is sincerely grateful of the time and support received from every Captain.

The official NASH Original T-shirt NFT will be airdropped on 20th October at 10:00 am ( UTC+8 ).

Every wallet address that participated in the early spaceship crowdfunding, 15th April to 5th May, will receive the NASH Original T-shirt NFT airdrop.

These NFTs can be traded on Treasureland.

! Every wallet address will receive only one T-shirt reward, either NFT or actual T-shirt.

For addresses that participated the crowdfund but didn’t fill in the questionnaire, NASH will airdrop T-shirts NFTs. Cotton T-shirts will still be claimable in future events.

The list of wallet addresses is:

T-shirt is officially designed by NASH Metaverse and embodies NASH Metaverse vision to create an interoperable NFT Metaverse with innovative, diverse, growing, and competitive attitude.

This activity is mainly to express our gratitude towards captains who have always been supportive towards the ecological development of NASH Metaverse.

And different rewards will be given to captains who currently hold spaceships and have been identified in the discord community later.

The link of verification is:

We hope to build NASH Metaverse ecology with more captains in coming future. Very soon, we will be holding activities and giving away rewards in NASH Discord!

Join us!

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