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We regard games and communities as cultural incubators that serve as a medium to cultivate continuous power

The article is organized into three parts:

» Team Announcement: The governance philosophy of NASH METAVERSE» Project Progress: Our current development ecology.» Industry News: Monthly highlights of the industry observations

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Business and investment in the crypto space are driven by research, and our mission, beliefs, and the direction we choose to go in all require in-depth research.

Just like religion, we find a sense of purpose in the world of crypto, an open and more dynamic ownership economy with a fair system.

The contents of the crypto industry continue to evolve, dating back to the hippies, free software, and cypherpunks of the past few decades, all the way to Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and NFT today. Yet the core vision and mission have never deviated from the goal of establishing an open society.

The wave of crypto technology has brought forth a shared consensus, that being the development of the crypto industry as the sum of the combined efforts of each and every participant. As such, crypto has many parallels to religion, and there are many concepts in the industry that describe a similar future. Web3, ownership economy, crypto economy, DAO, DeFi, etc.

Culture has always been the most constant and pervasive force in an organization. Decentralized forms of organizations and culture will play a more profound role in the future.

NASH Metaverse consists of two parts, NASH Project and The NASH DAO, namely gaming and communities.

Through game content, we attract pioneers and supporters that share the same mission and vision, cultivating stronger and more sustainable products, community culture, and mutual growth among the community, thus creating a new type of DAO.

We regard games and communities as cultural incubators that serve as a medium to cultivate continuous power. To achieve this goal, we must heed the following issues in the governance system design:

① Determining which public items are managed by the community② A way to decentralize governance③ How to identify and motivate high-quality community participation

The community is our platform.

We are constantly exploring ways to improve governance.

All who are interested in NASH Metaverse please feel free to DM us, we look forward to your feedback and hope to interact with you moving forward!

💫 Product Development

Ø [Inception]-The first stage of NASH Project

The development of the game’s front-end, the visual elements, is mid to late finish. The disclosure of NASH Project’s concept is in Marketing team schedule.

🌌 Market

Ø Oct. 20th, NASH Metaverse airdropped the NASH Original T-shirt NFT to early Spaceship NFT Groupfunding participants.

Ø Oct 21st, NASH Metaverse discussed Community Governance and Crypto-Native Metaverse on Binance Live.

Ø Oct 21st, NASH Metaverse integrated with Treasureland on NFT marketing.

Ø Oct 22nd, NASH Metaverse attended opening ceremony of Shanghai Metaverse Week, with the presentation of Community Governance and Crypto-Native Metaverse.

Ø Oct 23rd, NASH Metaverse participated in Harmony online meeting of Shanghai Metaverse Week: When Shanghai Meets Silicon Valley.

Ø Oct 23rd, NASH Metaverse participated in Polygon online meeting of Polygon Metaverse Night.

Ø Oct 27th, NASH Metaverse attended Metaverse Avatar Seminar on Shanghai Metaverse Week.

⚡️ (NASH Metaverse, NASH Metaverse) ⚡️

The trend of Crypto Game in the industry is a continuously redesign of the tokenomic mechanism, for instance, a combing DeFi 2.0 or computing power, and so on.

We are exploring a more valuable tokenomic mechanism that suits NASH Metaverse’s vision for a better development.

When talking about the DeFi 2.0, it has a constantly changing concept.

With raising projects such as Olympus DAO and Fodl, new innovative and effective paths of community-driven are formed.

In conclusion:

Ø  Mechanical innovation and improvements.Ø  Frequent communication with core supporters, creating new story memes.Ø  Assimilating other valuable mechanisms.

⚡️ Mirror, accessible all Web3 tool components to users.⚡️

Mirror, a decentralized content publication platform, accessible all its Web3 tool components this month.

Many projects in the industry are exploring the social token, they explore either from the community, releasing, or tools. We have been following Mirror because of its uniqueness, by solving one of the most major problems, decentralized content publication.

The community comes for the creator and stays for the economics.

Through the tools provided, creator’s value forms a closed loop of social token.

Crypto Game and Social Tokens are at the forefront of the ownership economy, this is the entrance for future industry.

Beginning by developing tools/products, building an on-chain revenue stream; then developing communities and decentralizing ownership; then develop into a protocol economy.

The accessible of Mirror can be a significant event of ownership economy, a sign of the beginning of the Age of Exploration.

💎 Feedback

We value every user’s feedback, please fill out the following questionnaire to help us improve and grow.

🌠 New to NASH Metaverse

Hope you enjoyed our recent news and we’re extremely excited for the months ahead.

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